AMCO Cosmetic UV Glow Paint


AMCO Cosmetic UV Glow Paint

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Extremely bright neon glow effect can be achived on the body or clothes by using this paint and it is extremely popular for UV glow parties, get togethers and stage performances. Since the paint is in cosmetic base, it can be easily removed. It is a breathable coating to prevent any itching sensation on the body. Oily skins may find the paint difficult to adhere for long.


AMCO Cosmetic UV Glow Paint is neon glow paint for use on body. The paint glows by absorbing UV light falling on it and glowing in the visible spectrum. The paint can be applied on the face , hair and even on clothes. It is washable by soap and water. It is produced in a special cosmetic base that ensures safety of almost all types of skin. It can be applied directly by hand or even by brush.

No need to add any thinner.

The paint is safe for most skin types but it always suggested to do patch test on backside of hand. We have already used the paint for parties with guest strength of over 5000 people.

The paint is available in 1 litre , 500 ml and 200 ml packs. It is always suggested to use up a pack once opened because of possibility of contamination by hand application. Otherwise it is suggested to separate some untouched quantity and close the container tightly for future use.

The paint glows under UV lights and but does not get charged by them. The paint does not glows when the UV lights are switched off unless under sunlight.

Available shades are:

Fiery Red
Lovely Yellow
Moist Green,
Hot Pink, &
Rage Orange

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Fiery Red, Lovely Yellow, Moist Green, Hot Pink, Rage Orange

Pack Size

1 Litre, 500 ML, 200 ML


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