AMCO Star Sky Radium paint (Assorted base Colours and Base Shades)


AMCO Star Sky Radium paint (Assorted base Colours and Base Shades)

127466 plus18 percent GST. Freight extra as applicable on your full cart load

Low cost Combination of Glow in the dark paints and UV Glow Paints useful for application

on metals, wood, concrete, and craftwork

by brush or dip

Available in 9 different UV Glow base colours and 3 different glow bases. Both can be used either individually or preferably with base coat and can also be used with one another by applying basecoat, base colour and then the glow base


AMCO Radium Paint is low cost luminescent paint that absorbs light falling on it and glows when the light is switched off. Available in three different glow base

Light Blue,

Dark Blue

and nine different shades of base colours

Ruby Red

Lemon Yellow

Solemn Green

Golden Yellow

Vibrant Pink


Sky Blue

Smouldering Orange

The paint is applicable on most surfaces including walls, metals, wood , concrete and also used for craft purpose on paper, thermocol and corrugation. The application of AMCO Basecoat White is suggested for optimum glow performance and adhesion to most surfaces. Always use AMCO adherent when applying on difficult to adhere surfaces. Recommended reducer….AMCO Universal Reducer, AMCO Night Glow Paint reducer

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 11 cm

Glow base Green, Glow base Light Blue, Glow base Dark Blue, Base colour Ruby Red, Base colour Lemon yellow, Base colour Solemn Green, Base colour Golden Yellow, Base colour Vibrant pink, Base colour Solemn Green, Base colour Rose, Base colour Sky Blue, Base colour Smouldering Orange, Base colour Violet


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