Glass Paints (Tinted Clear Topcoats)

Colourful transparent paints are available in 12 colours. These finishes are without any opacity but provide colourful tinting affects on glass and other transparent surfaces.

Excellent light fastness Glass tinting
Long lasting colour retention Cutlery
Brilliantly bright shades Bone china
Bangles & artificial jewellery
Mirror tinting
Decoration pieces

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Glass Paints are also available as Glass Tint Concentrates. These

tints are solvent thinnable and can be added to most forms of clear, pigmented and metallic lacquers. (NC, PU Acrylic or Stoving)

Available in 100 ml PET Bottles these tints are cost effective and have long shelf life (upto 2 years or more)Can also be used for tinting pearl Finishes

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